Swatch Books in Candyland

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CTI Paper USA has introduced a new candy-themed "Sweet Inspiration" swatch book system to the Fine Paper Collection's Aspire Petallics, Bindakote, Constellation Jade, Glama Natural and Virtual grades. The 6x9 books "highlight essential product information and focus on wide paper cascades for easy product selection and comparison," according to CTI. The designs also feature an "innovative envelope binding technique that secures samples of matching A2, A6 and A7 envelopes. Designers and printers can easily swing the envelopes away from the swatch for product selection and color matching and then tuck them back into the swatch for future reference." Adds Greenleaf Media designer Mary Walsh, "The greatest challenge in developing the series was choosing the perfect candy to capture the essence of each grade. The color and balance of each photo was key in bringing each candy to life."

Client: CTI Paper USA Design: Greenleaf Media, Madison, Wis. Designers: Mary Walsh, Erica Hess CWs: Mary Walsh, Carrie Chase (CTI) Photographer: Erica Hess

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