Thinking Bigism

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Miami Beach's Wolfsonian Museum boasts a promotional manifesto and an outdoor campaign from local ultra hot shop Crispin Porter + Bogusky, which has invented a "thinkism" concept to encompass the museum's design collection. As ACD Scott Linnen explains, the more than 100,000 objects in the museum's holdings "reflect the influence design has had on the direction of society during the years 1885-1945. The mission of the Wolfsonian as a museum and research center"-it's affiliated with Florida International University-"is to look at objects as both agents and expressions of change. This is something we believe sounds more like a movement than a mission statement, so a campaign was born around Thinkism, a cultural movement of the late 20th and early 21st centuries that provokes an understanding of objects as expressions of human ideas, concerns and aspirations. Thinkism is characterized by the notion that what man makes, makes man. We're absolutely sure this is the correct definition of Thinkism because we're the ones who made it up. Since Thinkism encourages us to ponder the cultural, political and aesthetic value of every man-made object in the world, ever, we believe it qualifies as the biggest cultural movement in history." The manifesto, in addition to being available at the museum and in its press materials, is distributed in hotels around South Beach.
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