Who's Watching Online Video, and What They're Watching

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Online-video viewing has really reached critical mass, as more than 75% of all U.S. internet users watch online videos at least every now and then; almost 45% are watching every week and 12% view them daily.

Mike Vorhaus
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Meanwhile, frequent online-video viewing extends across all demos. Although males 18-to-24 are the heaviest online-video viewers with 70% viewing at least weekly, one third of all 55-to-64-year-olds are also weekly viewers.

But it's not just about who is watching -- it's also what they're watching. We did a study for Metacafe and found that the top 10 types of online video, according to consumers, range from user-generated videos, to news, weather, movie clips, etc. What's notable is that eight of the top 10 most-popular video genres are short form.

It turns out the small screen and shorter length can be just as compelling. More than a third (37%) of short-form video viewers find that content equally or more entertaining than full-length shows on their TV set. And while 9% of online-video viewers say they watch more TV live on their TV set due to watching online video, 20% say they are watching less live TV on their set due to online video viewing.

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