From Gathering Around TV to Gathering Around Wii

Mike Vorhaus on Digital Consumers

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The dinner table, radio and TV have all at one time or another been considered family "togetherness" experiences ingrained in American culture. Today there's a new family together experience: the Wii.

More than 13 million Wiis have sold in the U.S., and families are playing together. This machine was made for family play -- and it has worked.
Mike Vorhaus
Photo: Stephanie Diani
Mike Vorhaus is senior VP-managing director of new media and strategy for Frank N. Magid Associates.
Our data have consumers reporting that almost 90% of the time they are frequently or occasionally playing with others in the household.

Some of these Wii gamers are playing with friends, for sure, and some are playing with their brothers and sisters.

But what's perhaps most surprising is that one-third of Wii owners say they regularly play with their mothers or fathers. And 9% play with grandparents.

On average, three people play the Wii in each Wii household. And they love the device: 54% of Wii gamers rate it a 10 (excellent) on a 10- point scale, with an average score of 8.8 out of 10.

More than one-third of Wii gamers say they will play their Wiis more often in the future, and only 8% say they will play their Wiis less often a year from now.
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