Internet and TV Lead List of Ways Men Pass the Time

Mike Vorhaus on Digital Communications

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We asked consumers of both genders and most ages to identify from a list of activities, their favorite leisure activity. This month we look at the males -- what are their favorite ways to spend leisure time?
Mike Vorhaus
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Mike Vorhaus is senior VP-managing director of new media and strategy for Frank N. Magid Associates.

No surprise, using the internet and watching TV were the two top favorite leisure activities across all consumers interviewed for this study. What is interesting is to note is how much this changed by gender and by age.

Guys overall are big TV and internet fans. As a matter of fact, the internet was the favorite, by one percentage point, over TV. Among young males, ages 12 to 24, the preference for the digital media grows more pronounced: TV was favored by only 6%, while the internet was favored by 13%, video games by 34% and sports/exercise by 14%. Even among males 45 to 64, TV led the Internet as the favorite activity by only three percentage points -- 23% vs. 20%.

Next month we look at females and their favorite leisure activities. Any predictions?
Source: Frank N. Magid Associates
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