TV, Casual Gaming on Web Take Top Spots for Women

Mike Vorhaus on Digital Communications

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Last month we looked at males and their favorite leisure activities. In addition to the internet and TV, gaming and sports were major standouts when it came to how guys spend their free time.
Mike Vorhaus
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Mike Vorhaus is senior VP-managing director of new media and strategy for Frank N. Magid Associates.

This month we look at women and find that they, like men, love TV and the internet. In fact, more women than men say TV is their favorite leisure activity -- almost one-third more. And TV scores as the favorite activity for women, while with men the internet edged it out for first place.

Women also differ from men on their preference for casual games, which is the third-favorite activity of all women in the study; casual gaming was one of the least-favored activities by men. It's especially striking to look at women ages 55 to 64 -- casual gaming is second to TV.

Looking at the teen females, you also see major differences, both with older women and with men. The biggest difference is in regard to talking on the phone. While this is one of the least-favorite activities when you look at all women, it is tied for the favorite activity for female teens, scoring as high as the internet and far exceeding (by almost 100%) the use of TV as a favorite leisure activity.
Source: Frank N. Magid Associates
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