Danny Sullivan: Search Suggestions on Steroids

What You Should Have Read, Oct. 2, 2007

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Search Suggestions on Steroids: Yahoo Search Assist
SearchEngineLand.com has a good rundown of the new feature Yahoo today added to its search service, Search Assist. Danny Sullivan has an in-depth look at the product. He writes: "Ever had one of those moments when you start to type in a query, enter a word and then pause because you're not quite sure what other words to add to it? Search Assist senses this."

Online Video Is Not Broadcast TV
Shelly Palmer offers a great analysis of the economic differences between broadcast TV and online TV -- and debunks the importance of having a "TV-quality" online production. He writes: "Short-form online video is just coming into its own. It is nascent and raw and its beauty is truly in the eyes of the digital natives who consume it. Strategically, trying to make an online video look more like a network television show sounds like a really bad idea." His post slipped by us -- it's about 10 days old -- and if it slipped by you, too, it's well worth a read.
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