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Blogging Stocks: The Debate Over YouTube Ad Revenue

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The Debate Over YouTube Ad Revenue
Blogging Stocks rounds up the divergent opinions and projections various analysts are issuing in light of YouTube's new in-video ad plan. "The spread of estimates is so wide that it opens the question of whether anyone can put up a fair estimate of the potential YouTube contribution," writes Douglas McIntyre.

Google Launches Official Facebook App
Mashable reports on the search giant's newly launched Facebook app, which happens to be down at the moment. The idea is users can share query results with each other, but this part is a bit unnerving: "Your queries are automatically included in Facebook's mini-feed, so your web history can be shared with your friends." The move comes in the midst of the chat about whether or not Google should be scared of Facebook -- either because of its social graph or its (supposedly) in-the-works targeting system.
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