10 Great Time-Wasting Websites

From the 'Book of Tens'

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Wanna watch an iPod being ground up in a blender? Or a golf club? WillItBlend.com is the place.
Wanna watch an iPod being ground up in a blender? Or a golf club? WillItBlend.com is the place.
1 Will It Blend
This site shows off the awesome power of Blendtec blenders by having CEO Tom Dickson shove all sorts of things—rake handles, marbles, iPods, you name it—into the blenders and hitting the smoothie setting.

2 Wii Have A Problem
Site that keeps track of mishaps—from black eyes to broken TV screens—involving the Nintendo Wii's motion-sensitive remote controller.

3 Mondo Fruitcake
For those who'd actually dare to eat fruitcake, this blog reviews many of the fruitcakes available commercially.

4 Swivel
Dubbed a YouTube for the data set, this site lets your inner numbers geek run wild. Or, in their words, you can "explore data and share your insights with others. Swivel has data about politics, economics, weather, sports, business and more."

5 The Kunkel Fruit Wiki
This wiki aims to bring transparency to consumer products by showing where the materials came from, how much they cost and how they end up in the consumer's hands.

6 Viral Video Chart
Keep track of which viral videos are getting the most buzz. This site offers daily and weekly charts, as well as a cool "right now" feature. They'll also track your agency's viral.

7 Guess the Logo
This one will only waste time for you once. But you might be surprised how little you know your web-brand logos.

8 Adverbatims
This blog purports to collect live conversations overheard in marketing departments, ad agencies and PR shops.

9 Freakonomics: The Blog
You've read the book; now you can keep up with all the bizarre things—hooker raffles, Realtor-bashing—popping up on the radar of Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner, including possible topics for a freakquel.

10 TV Links
This probably isn't legal, and it'll drive certain networks insane. But if you're looking to watch your favorite TV shows on the web, this is the place to find them.
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