10 Viral Videos You Should Have Seen

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OK Go's homemade performance clip drew an audience of millions on YouTube.
OK Go's homemade performance clip drew an audience of millions on YouTube.
1 OK Go
The perfect merging of the two biggest YouTube phenomena: wacky physical stunts and homemade music videos. Eight treadmills helped launch OK Go to MTV notoriety, leaving floor-based dance routines gasping for creative breath in their wake.

2 Diet Coke and Mentos
The viral hit with the best copycats, the Diet Coke-Mentos hybrid was a "Jackass" stunt the whole world could safely try. That is, until that guy tried putting them in his mouth.

3 The LonelyGirl15 series
At first, she was a beautiful young brainiac posting videos without her parents' consent. But Bree was eventually unmasked as an actress who was working with filmmakers determined to create a new way of delivering a story. With nearly 6 million views on YouTube, they found one.

4 Bank of America
Unabashed earnestness is the new irony. The only thing stranger than watching that Bank of America employee do his smirk-free Bono impression is the complete lack of humor the on-camera audience finds in the performance.

5 Faith Hill loses to Carrie Underwood at the Country Music Awards
Hill gave us a sore-loser moment more candid and over-the-top than any "Flavor of Love" castoff could muster. And we're so not buying her "playing for the camera" excuse.

6 Clay Aiken puts his hand over Kelly Ripa's mouth
Kelly's icy (homophobic?) reaction to Clay's hand-cup was bettered by a YouTuber's unearthing of a clip showing the talk-show host doing the very same thing to Regis months earlier. Hypocrisy was never more frivolous.

7 Natalie Portman's gangsta rap
It was a blatant attempt to recreate the fluke success of "Lazy Sunday," but "SNL" pulled it off anyway, allowing the pixie-ish star to unleash her inner Eminem. The result was funnier than anything else the show aired this year.

8 Smirnoff's
This video featured the P-Unit boys keepin' it real and rapping about living the preppie life in New England. What made this viral different? Real actors in a real commercial made by real agency, Bartle Bogle Hegarty.

9 Must Love Jaws
One of the better mash-ups of movie trailers. Mike Dow and Ari Eisner recast the Steve Spielberg classic that made you afraid to go into the water as a romantic comedy in which love comes to the surface. Complete with bouncy pop songs.

10 Kelly's Shoes
"Let me borrow that top, betch!"The viral market's quirkiest new star was "Kelly," aka Boston-based comedian Liam Sullivan, who coined catchphrases with his "Kids in the Hall"-esque series of music videos on everything from shoes to text-message breakups (take that, K-Fed!).
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