New Study Provides Further Detail of Office Internet Users

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NEW YORK (AdAge.com) -- Three out of 10 professionals who access the Web at work each day get all their news from that online medium alone, according to a new study conducted by the Online Publishers Association with Millward Brown IntelliQuest.

The study, scheduled for release today, provides further insights into the online behavior of the at-work audience and extends the demographic picture detailed in previous OPA research that documented daytime is prime time for the Internet.

Among the key findings of the latest study:

  • Top-level executives' Internet usage exceeds all other at-work media usage during most dayparts. They use the Internet to track news, stocks and prepare for meetings; some log on again at night for shopping.

  • People with annual incomes of $75,000 and up can be found online throughout the day; this crowd's habit of primarily daytime Internet use is the reason the average income of consumers online drops in the evening.

  • 52% of the at-work men surveyed were online from 6 a.m. to 8 a.m. vs. 39% of women.

  • Working women check weather and local news throughout the day and are less likely to be online in the evenings than women overall.

  • Two-thirds of the working mothers surveyed are online in the morning.

  • Younger at-work users, ages 18 to 34, show greater interest in world or local news than in business news during the day.

  • Older at-work users, ages 55 and up, are more likely to check stocks after the market closes than during trading hours; they look for entertainment in the early morning vs. evenings.

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