Looking for the Perfect Mother's Day Gift? GE Offers Free Electronics Class

GE Opens Mother's Day Tech Store for the Engineer in Every Mom

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GE's Mother's Day tech store, developed with Brit + Co.
GE's Mother's Day tech store, developed with Brit + Co.

GE today is launching "The Maker Shop," a Mother's Day tech store featuring products and services to help moms engineer daily life.

The online store, developed in partnership with online media and ecommerce company Brit + Co., offers more than 60 products designed to help moms solve problems, from free electronics classes to do-it-yourself engineering kits.

GE's tech store was designed to recognize the fact that "All moms are engineers," said Sydney Lestrud, global brand marketing manager at GE. "Whether fixing, hacking or redesigning things, moms find solutions and achieve feats of greatness daily -- sometimes with only their imagination."

Ms. Lestrud said by "hacker," she means anyone who figures out an unexpected way to do something. "With technology, that can mean writing code to build something or make something work better. With life, that can mean using products in surprising and innovative ways to solve a problem," she said.

The products in the store were curated by women engineers within GE's transportation, global research, energy management and healthcare businesses.

"We live in a new era of manufacturing," Ms. Lestrud said. "Innovations in new materials, design processes, production techniques and data analysis are transforming what the world can make and how we make it. Now more than ever, it's important to inspire the engineering spirit in everyone to be part of this movement."

To inspire women engineers of the future, GE is offering a free coding class to anyone who visits "The Maker Shop," which will be open through the end of May.

The classes, valued at $100 each, are being offered in partnership with Girl Develop It, a nonprofit organization that provides web and software development classes for adult women.

A featured product in the GE tech store is a DIY engineering kit that helps moms design a tote bag that lights up inside to help locate keys, smartphones and other items. The #MyMomMakes kit uses Little Bits electronics -- pieces that snap together with magnets to help users learn how to build things.

With any purchase in the store, GE will offer a free Electronics 101 Class, which will teach moms about the basics of electricity, voltage, resistors and magnetism for DIY electronics projects.

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