ACLU "Pizza Delivery"

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Though1984 was many years ago, needless to say it doesn't mean that Big Brother is ancient history. The ACLU partnered with designer Micah Laaker for this simply designed viral site that perfectly suits the medium. Understanding that most viewers have a keyboard and mouse at their fingertips, the graphics display a Windows-based database where a mundane pizza delivery service has access to callers' lifestyle choices and purchasing habits, using that information to judge and restrict a potential patron. While we listen in on the call, we see a caller ID-type file containing tabs that show the caller's home address and phone numbers, credit card number, voting records, shopping history and medical test results-all of which come into play during his order. Urging people to protect privacy under the Bush Administration, the site links to petitions, fact sheets and legislative updates from the organization in an effective electronic PSA.

Client: ACLU Agency: Sedapa CD/Designer: Micah Laaker Internet Organizer: Matt Howes Director of Legislative Communications: Phil Gutis

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