Acura Uses Music-Driven Social-Media Effort to Target Millennials

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Acura is appealing to the musical tastes of millennials in a new social-media campaign that expresses the energy of the sporty ILX sedan through sound.

Acura asked eight up-and-coming artists each to craft a custom piece of music for the entry-luxury car. Each of the eight songs is inspired by one of the gears of the ILX's eight-speed, dual-clutch transmission.

Acura says the songs increase in velocity and intensity as listeners move up the playlist. The artists include Kisses, Bear in Heaven, starRo and Bit Funk.

"This is a great opportunity for engagement. Music and driving are two very emotional experiences," said Allie Mayer, an Acura spokeswoman, in an interview Wednesday.

Acura's Tumblr account, which is the hub for the campaign, features a SoundCloud playlist for the tracks that has been posted several times on the site since the promotion began last week. The songs are downloadable, so drivers can use them as the soundtracks of their daily commutes.

The Tumblr posts have garnered 7 million impressions so far. Tumblr defines an impression as the number of times content has been loaded.

Acura unveiled a video today featuring a mix of the eight songs to accompany running footage of the ILX.

Acura and the artists have been promoting the songs on social media. Ms. Mayer said the musicians have more than 250,000 followers on social networks who could come across the new songs as the artists post them.

Alicia Jones, manager of Acura social marketing, said in a statement: "We were looking for a way to demonstrate the ILX's features in a meaningful and engaging way to today's luxury car-buying millennials."

--Vince Bond Jr. is a reporter for Automotive News

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