For Ad Age Readers, Google Needs to Re-Doodle

Sixty Percent of Readers Responding to a Poll Didn't Like Redesigned Logo

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When Google unveiled its new logo yesterday, we thought we'd take the opportunity to ask readers what they thought.

This wasn't a cheap play for easy traffic. OK. It wasn't only a cheap play for easy traffic. But if there's one thing ad people love more than arguing over Super Bowl ads and Cannes winners, it's picking apart new logos -- especially new logos for much-loved brands.

People don't like change, it seems. Google tried to soften the blow with an explanatory blog post -- it's about mobile and tapping or something -- and a video showing the evolution of its logo, but that wasn't enough.

The majority of the 1,613 people who'd responded to our poll as of 5:30 last night were not fans: 60% of them wanted Google to return those letters to Fisher Price and come up with something different. Or just go back to the old one. That left 40% approving of the logo. Voters from neither side left comments to tell us why they felt the way they did.

In the past, fan outcry has forced the likes of Tropicana and Gap to revert to old logos, but we have a suspicion Google's going to stay the course on this one.

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