Ad Fraud Such a Big Problem, It Gets a Midtown Billboard

Problem Significant Enough To Warrant Prominent New York Real Estate

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Credit: Michael Learmonth

Online ad fraud is a really big problem. How big? One company's promise to fight it was recently slapped on a Midtown New York billboard -- just steps away from Times Square.

New York based video ad server Vindico is behind the campaign, which will run indefinitely.

"Expect to see more billboards in locations strategically around New York City and possibly other markets, we've really just begun," said Vindico president Matt Timothy in an email.

The aim is to promote Vindico's ad quality product, Adtricity, which recently released anti-bot functionality.

In April, Ad Age covered how ad fraud is creating business opportunities for some companies in the industry. As Forensiq president David Sendroff put it back then, fighting fraud is "the right thing to do, but it's also the right thing to do from a business perspective."

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