Ad Tech's Most Interesting Man?

The Lumacape's Creator Endorses This Message

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Terence Kawaja, noted investment banker and creator of the infamous "Lumascape" series of slides, stars in a new parody of a popular beer commercial that you must see to believe.

The commercial, a play on Dos Equis' "Most interesting man in the world" hit, places Mr. Kawaja and his Lumascape in leading roles, declaring him, "The most interesting banker in the world."

"I don't always use an infographic to depict fragmentation in the digital media ecosystem," says Mr. Kawaja, holding up the slide. "But when I do, I prefer the Lumascape."

The Lumascape concept itself was a master-stroke in content marketing. In nearly every ad-tech presentation -- be it at a conference or in a sales deck -- the Lumascape (1.6 million views and counting) rears its head as the go-to crib sheet for those trying to make sense of the increasingly complex industry. Mr. Kawaja is also a noted ham and likes to create videos like this fake interview with Sir Martin Sorrell.

"In July 2013, I grew a summer beard," he told Ad Age. "When it came in mostly white, it gave me the idea for The Most Interesting Banker in the World."

Kawaja follows up his first commercial with a variety of other, shorter takes where he offers his most sage advice: "In life, if you have a choice to make, think, what would an investment banker do? And then do the opposite."

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