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Microsoft's $500 Million Kinect Ad Rush Begins

The No-Controller Xbox Gets a Consumer Campaign

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The first spots for Xbox's controller-free gaming system Kinect are out and, considering Microsoft is said to have committed $500 million for marketing, we'll likely soon see these jumping, pantomiming characters just about everywhere.

The spots, from Agency215, a longtime Xbox agency, feature people of all ages and colors -- yep, just like those Wii launch ads from a few years ago -- playing Kinect, where "you are the controller."

Keep in mind the demo of Kinect -- code-named Project Natal -- was one of the bigger web hits of the past year, meaning these are likely to drum up significant interest on the web.

Sony, by the way, isn't taking this, well, just sitting on the couch. It's preemptive response? Yay Buttons, a microsite touting the many advantages that a physical controller lends to motion-capture gaming, like the ability to "pause" or "snipe," directly, albeit humorously, attacking the Kinect.

So what do you think about the flashy new TV ads? Will these spots sufficiently catapult Xbox out of the realm of pimply teen gamer? Will they get Kinect on your Christmas list? Tell us in comments.

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