New 'Resident Evil' Trailer Offers More Than Sneak Peek

Promo on Gamer Site Lets Fans Zap Zombies While Getting First Look at Latest Capcom Hit Franchise

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NEW YORK ( -- Killing zombies from the comfort of your home has never been so easy.

An online video-game trailer debuting today for Capcom's "Resident Evil" franchise brings zombie-blasting right onto the web page. Viewers watching the trailer for the upcoming Wii console game "Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles" will see the grotesque undead crawling out of the video viewer as a voice-over offers the helpful suggestion: "The head -- shoot them in the head!" With a quick click of the mouse, that's exactly what viewers can do.

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If you don't want to click through to, watch the video above to see how the trailer takes over the browser.

"This is the first time users can interact and actually play the game inside the trailer," said Mona Hamilton, VP-marketing at Capcom. "It really allows people to experience that surprise horror and fear. ... It was designed to take the experience to the next level."

Capcom worked with, an MTV Networks entertainment unit inside Spike Digital, and Capcom ad agency JVST, San Francisco, to create the interactive trailer. Because of the complex technology involved, the trailer will only be available on the GameTrailers site, but it will be bolstered by a digital marketing and advertising campaign driving viewers there.

Brad Winters, general manager for, said the ad makes sense, considering his site hosts videos for tens of thousands of games both original and submitted by publishers. "It's a captive audience with people coming to the site for nothing other than to watch game videos. ... This engages the audience more than just watching a video and if you can get them involved in the content, it's going to make more of an impression."

The trailer is set to debut at 10 a.m. Pacific Time on the front page of and will be promoted to both the Capcom fan base, Capcom Unity and GameTrailers community on its website and in social-media outlets such as Twitter. Capcom and GameTrailers are also hoping for a strong pass-along response from fans.

"We think users will share it with their friends and hope that it gets a good viral response," Ms. Hamilton said.

"Resident Evil" launched 1996 and is Capcom's top franchise, having sold 40 million units worldwide by earlier this year. "Resident Evil 5," released in the spring for Microsoft's Xbox 360, Sony's PS3 and for the PC, has already sold more than 5 million units alone. According to a recent investor's filing, Capcom expects to sell 800,000 "Darkside Chronicles" games. "Darkside Chronicles" will also get an offline push, such as outdoor and in-mall ad displays in major metro markets.

Mr. Winters said this is the first interactive trailer his site has hosted. And while he doesn't see it taking over the traditional trailer, he added that "I think we'll see this kind of interactivity more and more as part of marketing plans. ... And not just for video games and movies, but it's an opportunity for anyone creating video content [for their brand]."

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