Alphabet's Nest Gets a New Slogan, TV Campaign

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Alphabet's Nest division on Monday rolled out a marketing campaign for its line of products, just in time for the forthcoming winter and holiday season.

The slogan, "We Heart Home," promotes Nest products including the flagship Nest Thermostat, the smoke and carbon monoxide detector Nest Protect and the Nest Cam indoor/outdoor camera.

All three devices are interconnected; should the smoke alarm trigger, a user would be alerted via their smartphone and can view the situation in real time through Nest Cam, for example. Nest Labs said it wants to emphasize three core concepts to consumers in its new marketing campaign: Comfort (thermostat), Safety (smoke detector) and Security (camera).

Nest out-of-home ad at train station.
Nest out-of-home ad at train station. Credit: Nest

The campaign will run in print, out-of-home and broadcast, with TV appearances slated for most of the major networks, as well as popular cable channels like HGTV.

"It is our third year advertising in broadcast and as connected homes become more mainstream, our message has shifted from 'what' the product is to more about 'how' a product like the thermostat can conserve energy," Matteo Vianello, creative director at Nest, said. "We want you to think about Nest as a part of that movement."

The target audience for Nest products are married men, who often make the push to purchase the Nest products, Mr. Vianello said. "We are most popular with homeowners who have kids," he said. "We are going after the guy with kids who really cares about their home."

Three videos were made for the campaign and each showcases families.

One features a boy who appears hell-bent on saving energy; he doesn't flush the toilet after he pees and he turns off the water as his dad's shaving. Another shows a father watch in real time what appears to be an intruder -- the person is wearing a black hat and black trench coat -- breaking into his home. He soon realizes this person isn't an intruder, but his daughter, who is hungry and raiding the fridge.

The offerings will be marketed differently from the recently announced Google Home, a voice-activated assistant and Amazon Echo rival. Although Home is being handled by a different team, it does make an appearance in one of the Nest spots, but only in the background and not in use.

"We think of Google Home as an interface, but we want the Nest product to live in the background," Mr. Vianello said. "Google Home is more like a phone, but it's not part of the Nest ecosystem. It is a Google product whose focused on entertainment and answering questions. That is not our focus at Nest. But these are complimentary products."

In 2014, Google acquired Nest Labs for $3.2 billion and Dropcam, the company behind the now rebranded Nest Cam, for $555 million. A spokesman for Nest said the company does not disclose sales figures or units sold.

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CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story said Google owns Nest. Google parent company Alphabet actually owns Nest. Ad Age regrets the error.

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