American Express "Seinfeld and Superman"

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The Man of Steel appeared in his apartment in many of the Seinfeld episodes, so teaming up with a cartoon version of the DC Comics hero wasn't much of a stretch for Jerry. But showing Superman in near Costanza-grade neuroses is an unexpected treat for those jonesing fans looking for more comedy about nothing. The two hang out in diners and walked the streets of Manhattan in two webisodes that feature the power of American Express.

Client: American Express Agency: Ogilvy & Mather/N.Y. CD/CW/ADs: David Apicella, Chris Mitton, Christian Charles Agency Producers: Cheryl Gackstetter, Texas East Director: Barry Levinson/ Producer: Jon Kamen Music: Craig Snyder/Snyder Music Editor: Tricia Cooke/Outpost Editorial DP: Shane Hurlburt Animation: Richard D'Alessio, Mark Sharpe, Dave Sylvestre, Jeff Size Creative Consultants: DC Comics Agency Site Design: Digitas/N.Y. ECD: Mark Beeching CD: Matt D'Ercole ACD: Billy Seabrook CW: Atit Shah AD: Nick Barrios Agency Producer: Elyse Rubin Programmer: John Young

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