Amy Poehler Outtakes Are Marketing Gold for Old Navy

Ad Age Digital Conference: CMO Says TV Might Be in a Death Spiral, but Film Is Not Dead

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TV might be in a death spiral, but film is not dead. That was the statement from Old Navy's global CMO Ivan Wicksteed during his presentation on expanding the retailer's marketing through digital content at Ad Age's Digital Conference San Francisco. Mr. Wicksteed talked at length about how content works for Old Navy, and how he thinks content and programmatic will intersect in the future.

For the retailer's recent campaigns, including one featuring comedian Amy Poehler, content has played a central role in its marketing and is being sought out by consumers far more than traditional advertising. Some of the content working best for Old Navy are outtakes from Ms. Poehler's TV-commercial shoots. After his presentation, Mr. Wicksteed expanded on why Old Navy's content with Ms. Poehler is resonating better than the TV spots she appears in.

UPDATE: Creativity has outtakes of Amy Poehler channeling Judy Judy for her latest Old Navy spot.

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