Android, iOS Loyalists Brawl In New Windows Phone Ad

Windows Tries to Pull a Samsung On Apple and Android

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In the ongoing smartphone superiority debate between Android and Apple loyalists, Microsoft is marketing the Nokia Lumia 920 -- a.k.a. the Windows Phone -- as a sensible alternative that just may prevent your wedding from turning into a disaster.

Microsoft's new Windows Phones ad, premiering tonight, shows a wedding devolving into a brawl between the bride's family of Android users and the groom's family of iPhone fanboys. As the opposing factions fight and criticize one another, two caterers calmly record the mayhem on their Nokia Lumia 920s.

What Microsoft is hoping to tap into is the ridiculous tribalism between Android and iOS users. Once smartphone owners become more aware of the Windows Phone, they'll recognize it's a superior product, Microsoft said.

"Since we launched Windows Phone 8, it's received a lot of critical acclaims," Greg Sullivan, senior product manager at Microsoft, said. "People who buy and use it think its a great product. But not everyone knows that there's another choice out there. So we wanted to take a lighthearted approach to highlight that there's more than two choices of smartphones."

Samsung famously used a similar tactic with Galaxy SIII ads mocking Apple fanboys lined up to buy the new iPhone. But now that Samsung has emerged as a viable contender to Apple in the market and garnered its own loyal customer base, it's opened itself up to the same criticism it once lobbed at Apple.

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