AOL Announces New Organization Structure

Expected to Clarify Who Handles Each of Its Products

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NEW YORK ( -- There's a fresh look in the executive suite at AOL intended to clarify who handles what at the Time Warner-owned division.
New AOL chief Randy Falco is reorganizing the online giant's management structure.
New AOL chief Randy Falco is reorganizing the online giant's management structure.

New AOL CEO Randy Falco unveiled his management structure for the company today -- and it includes six business divisions reporting to Ron Grant, president and chief operating officer, who reports to Mr. Falco.

Exec lineup
The executives reporting to Mr. Grant include Kevin Conroy, heading products; Bill Wilson, heading programming; and Mike Kelly, leading AOL Media Networks. Kim Partoll, leading paid services, also will report to Mr. Grant, as will two yet-to-be-named executives, one who will lead international and one who will lead platforms, which includes search and local services such as MapQuest. Advertising sales will continue to report to Mr. Kelly.

Mr. Wilson, who worked under departing Programming Chief Jim Bankoff, will step into that role. Chief Technology Officer Balan Nair, promoted from chief information officer, also will report to Mr. Grant. Mr. Balan joined AOL from the CTO position at Qwest in late summer.

In a memo to staff, Mr. Falco described what he said will be a tighter, clearer and better focus on operations. "It's our desire to instill greater focus on execution," he said. "We believe there can be more clarity and accountability built into the organization. In such crucial areas as our speed to market and innovating new products, we have much work ahead of us."

Content responsibility
Indeed, AOL's claim to fame has always been content. Even when it had the walled-garden subscription approach, it was all about building and aggregating content. But it hasn't always been clear who was responsible for which products. For example, in the old structure, video and instant messaging both were handled by multiple people -- Mr. Conroy, Mr. Bankoff and Joe Redling, departing head of AOL mobile and customer management, all dealt with those products.

The new organization means several executives get new duties. Mr. Conroy, for example, will have AOL Instant Messenger and mobile products added to a lineup that includes video, video search, portals, safety and security. On the international side, Mr. Falco said he looks forward to launching an India portal and looking at other opportunities in Asia and South America.
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