AOL's Latest Web Video Series Is a Tribute to American Industry

50 Episode Web Series Is Sponsored by Ford

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A new AOL web series highlighting the rejuvenation of American manufacturing is set to premiere tomorrow, but you can watch the first episode here first. We've embedded it below, along with a trailer.

The series, called "This Built America," will run 50 episodes, one from each state. The episodes will air across a number of AOL properties including, Huffington Post, Autoblog, TechCrunch and Engadget. The series is the latest dose of premium content produced by AOL, which it hopes it can sell ads against along with its programmatic offering.

"´╗┐This is a great example of our continued focus on premium content and brand building," said AOL global media sales head Jim Norton: "This Built America is a great example of how we are leveraging the premium nature of the AOL ecosystem to help brands tell stories."

Ford is sponsoring the series in a deal worth just under $10 million, according to an industry source. Its pre-roll ads were created with input from the show's producers and have a similar look and feel.

AOL has, for some time now, pitched advertisers on the benefits of buying both premium and programmatic ads together as a package. While Mr. Norton wouldn't say whether Ford bought programmatic ads to go along with this premium sponsorship, he did say Ford is a customer of AOL Networks, the company's programmatic arm.

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