Apple Reactions Live: Product Chatter, Global Heat Map

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Apple's highest-stakes product presentation in years is bringing with it a deluge of reaction in social media. Check out the top Apple terms on Twitter right now, spikes in Apple chatter over time today and a heat map of global Apple conversation, all courtesy of Wayin, the social intelligence company. More information below the Wayin widgets.

Some further background, courtesy of Wayin before the Apple presentation began:

By 11 a.m. ET today, mentions of iPhone on Twitter alone had totaled more than 2 million in the prior 36 hours, with 20% of those tweets citing the expected iPhone 6.

The other product everyone was looking for, an Apple iWatch, had far fewer mentions, but was still generating relatively large volume for a brand that does not yet official exist.

In the U.S., the source of nearly half of all the iPhone mentions in the last 48 hours, men represented nearly two thirds of conversations about the brand, according to a Wayin sampling of just under 100,000 iPhone mentions from the Keywords Insights API.

But the rest of the world is watching too. While most U.S. Facebook conversation on the topic comes from California, there were notable pockets of chatter in England, Nigeria and Vietnam, Wayin said.

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