One Way Apple's First iPad Still Beats iPad 2

Video Views Suggest Tablets Have Lost Some of Their Curiosity

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Apple's iPad 2 may be 15% lighter and 33% thinner, but there's still one way the first iPad beats its successor: online video views.

iPad2 Credit: Apple

The first post-announcement video numbers are in for the iPad 2, and -- while hardly disappointing or that surprising -- they're nothing to tweet home about when compared to those of its predecessor, the iPad.

Two promotional videos touting the new features of the second-generation tablet device -- titled "Introducing iPad 2" and "Introducing iPad Smart Cover" -- brought in a collective 1.2 million views in the five days since the product's announcement, according to numbers released to Ad Age by Visible Measures. This is in contrast to the original iPad campaign -- made up of just one video called "Meet iPad" -- which drew in a collective 2.2 million views in the same period after its announcement.

What's more, the first "Meet iPad" video got much more viral pass-along than the successor. Not really a surprise given the first iPad was also first in its category, but a sign that tablets have moved from curiosity to mundane in less than a year. Another factor: "Meet iPad" was a more web-digestible 30 seconds long (and also ran on TV); "Introducing iPad 2" is six minutes long.

The original Apple-posted "Meet iPad" video only saw about 330,000 views on the original uploaded by Apple, but 110 separate reposts of the video around the web earned an additional 1.8 million times, in its first week. By contrast, iPad 2 got most of its views from the original video (800,000) and just 450,000 more from 30 copies posted around the web.

Introducing iPad 2

Introducing iPad Smartcover

Meet iPad

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