Audi sponsors: Gawker tries hand at blog for auto set

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Blog-publishing firm Gawker Media followed up its Nike and New Line Cinema-sponsored microsites with the launch of an auto blog, sponsored exclusively by Audi, and two other blogs with multiple advertisers. All are geared to Gawker's biggest audience, the coveted 18-to-34 year-old men.

Dubbed the "testosterone trio" by Publisher Nick Denton, the blogs feature independent content created by Gawker to make space for advertisers.

"What we're saying to marketers is: Web logs may be fast-growing and a little bit wild, but advertisers can use all the traditional methods of advertisers and public relations to engage them," Mr. Denton said.

With an edgy, ironic spin, Jalopnik, the auto blog, discusses imports, futuristic vehicles, celebrities and cars. "Everything but Detroit," Mr. Denton said. The creative attempts to go "beyond the banner," with the automaker's name incorporated into the logo, the navigation bar referring to Audi attributes and a skyscraper unit integrated with the auto maker's online campaign.

The campaign's length is open-ended. Success will be measured by traffic on Jalopnik and how many click-throughs there are to Audi's site.

The other two blogs include Kotaku, which means something close to "little gamer freak" in Japanese. It uncovers the gossip and politics of the online-gaming communities. Screenhead is aimed at "the guy who spends his evenings with this laptop glued to his thighs, just browsing around, looking for funny [content] on the Web," according to Mr. Denton.

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