Blog Buzz Heralds Arrival of IPhone 2.0

Apple Watchers Say All Signs Point to Its Launch; Will Developers Conference Prove Them Right?

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NEW YORK ( -- Even before Steve Jobs takes the stage today at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference, the blogosphere is abuzz with predictions of what he will announce. It largely agrees he'll introduce the next version of the iPhone, this time equipped with global-positioning-system technology and configured to run on a faster, 3G network.

The blogosphere is unanimous: We should have a new iPhone today.
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An iPhone 2.0 Buzz Timeline
"I wish there were words to explain the way Apple is able to capture people's imagination and get them excited about the products they've got coming up," said Engadget Editor in Chief Ryan Block, whose site does its share to contribute to the buzz around Apple. "And when [Apple] disappoints people by not announcing something, they come right back and get more excited the next time."

There's little chance Apple will disappoint this time, given it is introducing version two of a product that has already proved quite popular. Even an announcement that's expected to be largely iterative hasn't damped the spirit. Here's the timeline, dripping with drama.
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