Brand MVPs of Social Media: How Denny's and Nissan Blocked a Kobe Bryant Sweep

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The most engaging brand posts on five social media platforms last week included two fueled by Kobe Bryant, the retiring NBA superstar. This week it's three: an ESPN post on Facebook, an ESPN post on Twitter and a Nike post on Instagram.

So which brands could withstand the Kobe onslaught and engage consumers more than any other brands without him? Nissan pulled it off on YouTube, and Denny's did it on Tumblr. Click their posts in our weekly Marketer MVP chart, courtesy of ListenFirst Media, to see exactly how:

Methodology: Marketer MVPs surfaces the individual brand posts, both paid and organic, that generated the most engagement on Facebook (defined as likes, shares and comments), Twitter (retweets and likes), Instagram (likes and comments), Tumblr (original notes) and YouTube (official views, comments and thumbs-ups). Brands tracked are the 200 most-advertised brands by U.S. measured-media spending in 2014, per Ad Age Datacenter, in addition to the top 500 brands as identified in the Redbooks 500.

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