Brands Use College Football Championship as Social-Media Warm-up

But Bob Newhart Wins the Day

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A brand new, high-profile event like the College Football Playoff National Championship is sure the catch the eyes of marketers, particularly for real-time marketing opportunities. So it's no surprise that during the game on Jan. 12, brands ranging from Nike to KFC were tweeting pictures, jokes and congratulatory remarks. "The new college football championship, even in its first year in the new format, saw a good number of brands jumping in to the conversation," said Chris Kerns, director of research and analytics at Spredfast, a social marketing company, in an email. "With the Super Bowl, Oscars, and Grammys coming up, it seems that social media teams are getting ready for big event season." Below, see some of Monday night's best tweets:

After tweeting out one photo supporting the Ducks and another supporting the Buckeyes, Nike tweeted out a striking photo, albeit fake, of the coin toss.

When CBS Sports made a fumble joke using Butterfinger, here was the candy bar maker's response:

PacSun had some emoji fun with Ohio State's win:

Dr. Pepper slipped a few of their championship-themed cans into a photo congratulating Ohio State:

KFC didn't choose sides, instead reminding everyone that their fried chicken goes well with football:

But the highlight of the evening came when The Score tweeted out a photo of one of the game's refs and his uncanny resemblance to actor Bob Newhart:

And, of course, Bob Newhart's perfect response:

And when it was all over, Nike, which sponsors both teams, but is typically viewed as a huge Oregon booster, sent out a congratulatory tweet to Ohio State.

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