Brands Pay This Instagrammer $15,000 to Include Their Products in a Picture

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Brands pay some Instagram users to include products in their pictures. It's among the latest frontiers in sponsored content. And one of these lucky Instagrammers, Danielle Bernstein, who runs the style blog and Instagram feed We Wore What, tells Harper's Bazaar that she makes mid-six figures a year doing this.

"Right now, Bernstein's rate card, through Next Models, sets her range for the cost of a single piece of sponsored content (i.e. one Instagram shot) from $5,000 to $15,000. This rate can go up or down, depending the terms of the deal, such as if a brand wants a long-term commitment or multiple Instagram pictures."

If the 22-year-old Ms. Bernstein, who has 994,000 following her on Instagram, climbs above a million followers, she could demand up to $100,000 from brands for a post, according to Harper's Bazaar. Ms. Bernstein told the magazine that she's recently worked with Lancôme and Virgin Hotels.

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What's not entirely clear from scrolling through her Instagram account, however, is when she's paid to feature a product or company in her pictures. Three April 16 photos from the Virgin Hotel in Chicago, for instance, don't indicate whether the company paid her to post them.

While getting in front of an Instagram audience is attractive to brands, some media buyers have privately urged caution because of the loose disclosure around these paid endorsements. The Federal Trade Commission already called publishers to Washington D.C. in December 2013 to ask them about the way they label native ads. People with large followings on social media sites and apps like Instagram, Vine and Snapchat could be next.

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