Break Media Produces 3-D Web Series for Dell's Alienware

Branded Show Is Part of Broader Push Into 3-D Programming

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NEW YORK ( -- Want to watch the web with funny glasses? Break Media and Dell brand Alienware think at least some of you just might.

In a fight to differentiate itself, video portal Break Media is launching a 3-D channel, including a branded series of videos sponsored by Alienware, Dell's high-end PC brand geared toward gamers.

In addition to the branded series, Break is producing three new web series in 3-D, extreme sports channel X3D, "Scare3D!" and "Life in 3D," in addition to aggregating 3-D content from around the web.

"This is hard to do and it's expensive," said Break CEO Keith Richman. "But we think we can reach a wealthy, early-adopter audience. And as we started talking to advertisers, we realized there are a lot of brands that want to get the [3-D] glasses out there."

Just as high-definition gave a leg-up to Discovery and a reason for Mark Cuban's HDNet to exist, Mr. Richman said that 3-D will appeal to a significant slice of his core demo: young men under the age of 35.

Existing Break advertiser Alienware is sponsoring a series of gaming demos filmed in 3-D at Comic-Con in San Diego. Alienware offers a 3-D monitor as an option on its high-end gaming systems.

"We want to branch out beyond hardcore gamers," said Alienware brand manager Chris Suphen. "As people look for a more immersive experience in PC gaming, we hope they think of Alienware first."

Shooting shows in 3-D isn't easy; it requires hiring a cameraman with a 3-D camera and can take three hours to set up a single shot. As 3-D cameras from Sony and Panasonic come on the market, Mr. Richman said he believes costs will go down.

And while 3-D may not be what users are looking for, Mr. Richman said he sees 3-D content as a key asset as video moves to the TV. Break has existing deals with set-top makers Roku and TiVo, and is in talks with TV manufacturers rolling out net-connected 3-D TVs.

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