Breaking Down Big Data to Build up Business

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When companies want help building customer relationships, they are increasingly turning to digital solutions. That's where expertise from companies such as Zendesk comes in. The San Francisco-based software development company provides a cloud-based customer service platform to over 45,000 customer accounts across 140 countries in 40 languages, designed to bring organizations and their customers closer together.

As Digital Trailblazers, the Zendesk marketing team knows a thing or two about online brand engagement. They use Big Data to finesse their entire marketing strategy to better understand their own customers, then implement more effective strategies to find more customers and grow the business. In fact, following its IPO in May, the company reported strong financial results for its second quarter, with year-to-year revenue up 80% to $29.5 million, while its customer account rose more than 40% for that period to 45,740.

Here, Zendesk's Online Advertising Manager Michelle Carranza, CMO Bill Macaitis and Director of Marketing Ops and Analytics Brad Morris discuss the Big Data buzz and how they make it work by tackling it one simple step at a time.

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