Campaign: United "It's time to fly"

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For its 2004 campaign, United tried to make travelers forget about cramped leg space and stale coffee in a high-art showing, featuring print, outdoor and interactive offerings with gorgeous illustrations. Four TV spots directed by accomplished 2-D animators emphasized the reasons we fly-to see loved ones, make the most of business opportunities and because we simply need to get across those pesky oceans. Scored by Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue," the feeling is classy and scenic. Print and outdoor manifestations were of the most colorful variety, simultaneously branding and decorating. And interactive made the print come alive with banner ads that extend beyond the page and link to fare websites.

Client: United Airlines Broadcast/Press/Outdoor Agency: Fallon/Minneapolis ECD: David Lubars CD: Bruce Bildsten GCD/CW: Stuart D'Rozario AD: Bob Barrie Director of Broadcast Production: Brian Dilorenzo Senior Agency Producer: Kate Talbott Production Company: Acme Filmworks Directors: Wendy Tilby and Amanda Forbis ("The Interview"), Joanna Quinn ("Lightbulb"), Michael Dudok de Wit ("A Life"), Alexandre Petrov ("The Rose") Music: "Rhapsody in Blue" Music Company: Trivers/Myers Composer: George Gershwin Senior Art Buyer: Shawn Smith Asst. Art Buyer: Erika Schumacher Artists: Raul Colon ("Snowman"), Rea Irvin ("Dragon"), Paul Degen ("Elevator"), Jerry Kolacz/Getty images ("Legs"), I.G. Haupt ("Planes"), Carter Goodrich ("Seashell"), Chris Andrews/Digitalvision ("Significant Others") Interactive Agency: Lean Mean Fighting Machine, London CWs: Sam Ball, Dave Bedwood, Simon Rosenblade, Glen Gibbins ADs: Sam Ball, Dave Bedwood, Simon Rosenblade, Glen Gibbins

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