Chart: Google's Display Ad Business Is Pulling Away From the Pack

eMarketer Numbers Are Starting to Look Like a Hockey Stick

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With 73% of the market, Google's dominance in U.S. search advertising is well-documented. But its Google's display business that's starting to look like the hockey stick, according to past figures and projections from eMarketer.

Ever since Google's acquisition of DoubleClick in 2007, it has invested heavily in display, and as the chart below shows, that has started to bear fruit. Google and Facebook have been neck-in-neck for display advertising since they both surpassed Yahoo in 2010, but Google is about to pull away.

Google's display business not only includes owned properties like YouTube, its ad network and ubiquitous text ads, but also its so-called ad tech "stack," which powers much of the online display business today. That last part is a bit of a black box, though Evidon generated some data that gives you a sense of its dominance.

Now Ad Age reports two Publicis agencies are committing $100 million to Google's display business upfront, and Google is hiring another big P&G exec Kirk Perry to pry brand dollars away from TV. Google is playing a long game here that, as with Android, it's on a trajectory to win.

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