Comcast to include Netflix subscriptions in its cable packages

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Credit: Gabby Jones/Bloomberg

Comcast will add Netflix to subscription packages across the country, giving the world's largest streaming platform another way to boost its viewer base in the U.S., its biggest market.

Customers, who can already watch Netflix series such as "House of Cards" or "Stranger Things" using the Comcast X1 cable box, will now be able to pay for it directly through a Comcast bundle, the two companies said Thursday in an emailed statement.

The cable giant once viewed Netflix as a problem for the cable platform, but the Philadelphia-based Comcast has since embraced the streaming service as a way to retain customers. Almost half of all people with an X1 box use Netflix, Philadelphia-based Comcast said.

Netflix could use a boost as it has seen growth slow in the U.S., where it has about 54.8 million streaming customers. CEO Reed Hastings has said Netflix could eventually sign up between 60 million and 90 million U.S. users, while most of the company's new customers are outside the country.

"Our partnership with Comcast on Xfinity X1 has brought easy access to Netflix for our mutual customers," said Bill Holmes, global head of business development for Netflix. "By speaking into or browsing with the X1 remote, millions of customers have found the perfect thing to watch on Netflix. We can't wait to introduce more X1 customers to Netflix with Xfinity's new packaged offers."

The announcement comes a day after streaming platforms Spotify and Hulu introduced a combined subscription that reduces the monthly price of using both, a promotion designed to draw new paying users to the music and video services.

-- Bloomberg News

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