DC Shoes' Ken Block Makes Huge Ad for Ford Fiesta, San Francisco

Fifth Installment in 'Gymkhana' Series Takes Chief Brand Officer to the Bay Area

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Some brands -- and people -- are just great at making content. Take DC Shoes' Chief Brand Officer Ken Block, for example, whose "Gymkhana" series has amassed 157 million views since the first installment in 2009, according to Visible Measures. Today, Mr. Block released "Gymkhana Five," another mini-movie sure to further enthrall the very folks DC Shoes hopes will buy shoes and apparel.

'Gymkhana Five' in San Francisco
'Gymkhana Five' in San Francisco

More interesting, though, is how many brands are along for the ride, most notably Ford's Fiesta (Mr. Block drove a Subaru WRX when the series began), Monster Energy Drinks and, in this case, the band Styx and San Francisco itself.

When we last spoke to Mr. Block, he said the series started less as a branding exercise than a way to get more "seat time" to hone his rally skills. "I get paid to go out and race my cars and put up those videos," he said. "I'm a lucky bastard."

For those keeping score, here are the views for all five in the series, according to Visible Measures:

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