Digital Player: Brad Lynch

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Name: Brad Lynch

Title: Manager-interactive marketing, General Mills

What is your biggest online-marketing challenge? "Simply getting interactive to be an integrated part of the marketing mix. We've worked really hard to make sure our marketers understand when the Web is appropriate and what it's good at. Focusing on the medium's strengths has worked really well."

What has been your biggest breakthrough? "We know that fewer households are responsible for more of our volume. We're using the Web to find our most valuable households and establish direct relationships with them. We're really tapping into the Web's ability to deliver a customized message when it's most relevant-like e-mailing time-starved moms a kid-pleasing dinner idea and a coupon at 4 p.m."

What hasn't worked so well? "Thinking about the Web as a mass advertising vehicle. It's not the best way to reach the most people-but we believe it's a great way to reach a highly targeted consumer when they are most receptive to our message. "

What makes your site compelling? "I'll pick one We really understand what's happening in consumers' heads when they're thinking about food and use those insights to deliver relevant, motivating content."

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