Digital Player: Brad Santeler

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Name: Brad Santeler

Title: Associate director, Interactive services, Kimberly-Clark Corp.

Biggest challenge? "The biggest challenge is the development of standards around key measurements-impressions, audience and reach/frequency. Making sure that the way I define an impression is the way someone else does. Also, how do you measure audiences? We need to make sure that publishers and marketers have input into what's important. [Audience] panel sizes are important to us."

Biggest breakthrough? "Our Cottonelle brand launched an instant messaging program with Yahoo! You can download a puppy [IM] environment and access puppy icons; users can link into Cottonelle. The instant messaging tool has had good results."

Biggest frustration? "Sites that don't really understand the target composition within the [various] channels of their sites. Most sites can tell me about the overall composition of their audience through Nielsen/NetRatings, but they can't tell me where people are within various layers of their site."

How is online media treated at K-C? "Management isn't holding us to any greater standard than they should be holding any of the marketing channels. We are required to show our return-on-investment and in some ways, we are further along than offline media."

How do you use the Web at home? "I can't use the Web at home-I have 3 children and they're never away from it long enough to give me access!"

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