Digital Player: Ed Kim

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Name: Ed Kim

Title: Interactive Media Manager, Unilever, U.S.

Biggest industry challenge? "Measurement, creativity and maturity of the medium. I would like to see more integration with traditional media measurements with respect to reach and frequency."

Biggest marketing breakthrough? "We recently completed a test with Unicast to gain a better understanding of its full-screen ad units. We all talk about running a full-screen ad similar to a TV commercial but never do anything about it. So we ran a program, and you know what? It works."

One thing you would change about your agencies: "Get them to think outside of their `silos.' Marketers want solutions to their business [problems] and we don't care where the ideas come from. Agencies need to understand that marketing is not just advertising."

One thing you would change about Your digital marketing: "We need to approach digital marketing in conjunction with `traditional' marketing. We are moving in that direction with a process that Unilever developed globally."

Worst online marketing program? "The worst is the X-10 campaign; the best is [also] the X-10 campaign, since everyone is aware of it."

Do you think file-swappers should be prosecuted? "I have one word-iTunes. Give consumers a better alternative option to buying a CD that has 1 or 2 songs they want for $16."

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