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Name: Patrice Varni

Title: Director-Internet marketing and online business, Levi Strauss & Co.

Biggest Industry Challenge? "Continuing to break the barriers that get in the way of integrating online marketing into overall marketing programs. It sounds so simple, but there are a lot of silos that exist ... that keep integration and true optimization of the medium from happening. Also figuring out how to target consumers we're trying to reach on the Web-they're more actively engaged than they are with most other mediums."

Biggest Marketing Breakthrough: "The impact of our branded Web,, visitors' impression of our brands. ... Almost 50% of visitors to the sites emerge with significantly stronger brand impressions."

Learned anything new from a recent conference? "I learned the term `metrosexual' and now have a more nuanced understanding of the word."

How do you use the Web at home? "I use it to send e-mail to family and friends, get information and shop whenever I want to. The stores are never closed. Online banking is the best! I love downloading music from [Apple's] iTunes."

Should file-swappers be prosecuted? "I won't throw stones. The focus should be on figuring out a business model that leverages the ease of accessing files on the Web. Kudos to Apple for iTunes; it's easy, elegant and a great value."

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