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Name: Peter Weedfald

Title: Senior VP-strategic marketing, Samsung Electronics America

Biggest challenge? "Ensuring that the supply chain of advertising, marketing and communications is moving at the same pace or faster than the products, services and technologies that we're selling. We're in launch mode 365 days a year. ... We must have the freshest lettuce on the shelf in order to compete."

Recent marketing success: "We just did an Internet program with Jon Bon Jovi. We were able to put a program together to help him launch his new album `This Left feels Right.' We promoted the album, drove fans to enter a contest to win a signed guitar along with MP3 and DVD players pre-loaded with the new album. More than 100,000 people went to on Nov. 15 to watch Jon's concert live via streaming video. "

What's on your wish list? "I would have every single agency I work with located right here on the same floor with me. I'd have the budget I have now plus another 30%." [Estimated budget for U.S.: $100 million]

Worst online marketing? "Interstitials and pop-ups. On TV there's never been such a thing as an interstitial. Spam is the most ridiculous process and shameful act of misinformation. It's not the way to build a responsible relationship with consumers."

Favorite online venues: " because it has a very good sense of the current events of the day and for its video clips. I like to watch those clips while I'm multitasking."

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