Digital Player: Serge Del Grosso

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Name: Serge Del Grosso

Title: Director of Media and Internet Strategy, Sony Electronics

Biggest Industry Challenge? "To make digital media accountable, address issues with regard to the quality of the medium, and the ability to evaluate digital media with the same standards that all other media are evaluated against."

Biggest Marketing Breakthrough: "We worked with an exclusive publisher [] to create a program against our GenY youth marketing target. The online program promoting the NetMD, ATRAC CD Walkman and Cybershot U30 ran July 1 through September 30 and we found that more than 70% of the click-throughs were spurred by rich media ads via Eyeblaster, versus static banners."

What Excites You On the web? "The increasingly effective use of video. ... Broadband users, if they can control the player, are more likely to be accepting of it as long as it doesn't interfere with other things."

Most Annoying Thing About Online Advertising? "The ubiquity of pop-ups that you can't control. The publishers are starting to take a more active role in setting frequency caps on ... pop-ups."

What's On Your Wish List? "To actually launch a product exclusively using digital media. ... I'd like to make the online media component the lead medium. Second, to more fully deliver true, cross-platform media programs with major media vendors because the strength of traditional media brands on the Web continues to grow."

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