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Name: Tom Lynch

Title: head of online marketing, ing

Biggest Challenge? "The lack of integration of online with offline media. Traditional brand-tracking methodologies don't adequately measure online's impact, and standard online performance research can't adequately track offline ad performance. The same goes for reach/frequency and other buying measures. Online is too separated from the rest of the advertising business."

Biggest Breakthrough? "We gave our target near-real-time stock quotes within an ad and interspersed thought-provoking quotations such as "I've got all the cash I need ... as long as I die by 3:00," from comedian Henny Youngman. Our brand favorability was twice a high as Dynamic Logic norm's for financial-services companies, 50% higher on purchase intent, and brand attributes were up an average of 27%."

What Hasn't Worked So Well? "While bigger and richer formats have ... paid off for our branding campaigns, some of the more intrusive units are beginning to carry some baggage. For example, when an Eyeblaster ad runs on the middle of a page, obscuring major portions of it, we get a lot of complaints about our 'pop-up ad.' "

What Makes Your Site Compelling? "We are really trying to respect that people engage with their money in a variety of ways. The beauty of the Web is that given the options, people can self-select how you communicate with them. That can't even be replicated in the real world."

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