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Name: Jon Raj

Title: Director-advertising Visa USA

What is Interactive's biggest challenge? "Getting across that online is a very effective branding medium."

What Do You wrestle with? "Keeping up with all the new [rich-media] technologies and finding the right metrics to measure success."

What was your best marketing breakthrough? "The `Ideas Happen' campaign-we targeted 18-to-29-year-olds through a contest that offered $25,000 prizes to help people accomplish what really matters to them. Also, having online advertising at the table when planning is done and not having to fight for what is left over. "

What Made it work? "It lived offline [as well as online]. It was relevant to the target and the brand. ... Our secret weapon was word of mouth."

Best online advertising? "Absolut. It could easily have turned iconic print ads into static banners and gotten its message across. Instead, it used the Web to let consumers interact with the brand ."

Worst online advertising? "Online advertising that's not relevant and/or is intrusive without any kind of value exchange with the user."

Find any new uses for the Web lately? "Video delivery like ESPN Motion is right on and it's free."

WHERE CAN WE FIND YOU WHEN YOU'RE NOT WORKING? "Traveling, writing, playing softball. ... Most recently I took flying lessons."

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