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Name: Jonathan Adams

Title: Group Media Director, WPP Group's mOne Worldwide

Biggest industry challenge? "Maintaining the pace of innovation. ... Having bigger units doesn't cut it. Formalizing our ties to traditional media and forcing integration of interactive [media and marketing] as a matter of daily business."

How do you want to see Web marketing evolve? "Content should meet the needs of customers before they ask for something; people don't respond to advertising, they respond to content."

What would you change about clients if you could? "I would say drop the apprehension. The online channel is an opportunity to leverage much more than advertising and most clients have a tough time being engaged that way."

What turns you on about the Web? "I'm addicted to Wi-Fi. At home we just sit on the couch and interact with [TV] programming every night ... with shows like [Discovery's] Monster Garage and Trading Spaces."

What to do with those who illegally download content? "Prosecuting file-swappers is a big mistake. The music labels must adapt and rise to meet this opportunity."

What's on your "to-read" list? `"What Went Wrong: Western Impact and Middle Eastern Response' [Bernard Lewis] and `The Tipping Point,' [Malcolm Gladwell]. I'm using the vernacular and I want to know why!"

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