Dove and Twitter Will Analyze Your Tweets To Gauge 'Body Positivity'

Partnership Announced at SXSW Panel in New Battle Against Shaming

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Credit: Unilever

Are you indulging in body shaming via Twitter -- perhaps without even being aware? Dove and Twitter will be happy to analyze your tweets and let you know.

In a partnership announced Saturday at SXSW, the two are unveiling the #SpeakBeautiful Effect tool, which allows users to retweet an invitation from the @Dove handle via accounts they want analyzed. Dove will tweet the user back a link with a personalized analysis of their tweeting tendencies in minutes.

The #SpeakBeautiful tool is an outgrowth of Dove's long-running Campaign for Real Beauty and more recent efforts to end negative chatter among women about appearance -- their own or others. According to Unilever, the #SpeakBeautiful effort last year contributed to a 36% decrease in negative conversations about beauty.

The analysis provided will include a "Beauty Quotient" that compares a woman's or girl's general mood with how her tone changes when talking about beauty and reveal the most common emotion expressed in her beauty tweets on a spectrum of 46 possibilities. The tool will also provide insights about what time of day they're more positive or negative about appearance. And it will display the percentage of "body positivity tweets" by regions in the U.S. to help show how the #SpeakBeautiful Effect is influencing change around the country.

Since Dove began tracking the number of "body-positive" tweets last year, the Southeast has done best in this regard, according to Unilever -- accounting for 22% of those nationwide. The Northeast, Pacific and Midwest regions each accounted for 19%. The more sparsely populated Mountain and Southwest regions accounted for 7% and 14% respectively.

New Dove research shows 62% of girls wish social media would "teach and empower them about body positivity," so this is an effort to that end. Working on the #SpeakBeautiful project are Edelman Razorfish, VaynerMedia and Mindshare.

As part of the effort, Dove hosted a SXSW panel with social media scholar Danah Boyd, Twitter Head of Global Safety Patricia Cartes and body positivity influencer Sarah Conley. The brand will also sponsor a hackathon for girls mentored by women from Twitter and industry experts to brainstorm on the next project for #SpeakBeautiful.

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