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Ad Age's Digital Fact Pack provides a data roadmap to the digital marketing business.
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point bug Digital Fact Pack 2007
NEW YORK ( -- It's becoming critical to stay atop the digital media and marketing space, but the pace of technological change is making it increasingly difficult. That's why we've again pulled together the important data and trends to serve as a guide to marketing in this space.

This, our second annual Digital Fact Pack, is full of fascinating numbers. Some highlights:

point bug Big players continue to dominate online advertising, thanks to both their audience scale and their ability to re-aggregate smaller, disparate audiences. The top 10 online properties took in 99% of 2006 gross online ad revenue. Net online ad revenue is a slightly less stilted story, but continues to illustrate that when it comes to online ad revenue, the Long Tail of the web has a big, fat head (Page 11).

point bug 48.3% of Americans will be hooked up to a broadband connection this year and $243.1 billion will be spent in U.S. online retail sales.

point bug After breaking onto the scene a few years ago, social networking is flourishing. MySpace and Facebook continue to defy gravity, growing 72.5% and 59.2% (Feb. '07 vs. Feb. '06), respectively, and, depending on what surveys you use, advertisers are set to spend between 4.7% and 7.7% of their online ad budgets on the space (Pages 20 and 46).

point bug While new mobile applications are picking up steam, consumers say they have not yet warmed to the idea of advertising. In fact, more than half of consumers are not at all willing to watch ads on their phones in return for free mobile phone applications (Page 42).

That's just a taste of what's inside. We slice ad spending by category and take an in-depth look at the different areas in which marketers are spending their online dollars. It's important to note the interactive realm is monitored by dozens of companies, media and trade groups. Since their methodologies vary, totals do, too.

Oh, and speaking of the ever-changing digital space, since last year's Fact Pack we've doubled the frequency of our dedicated digital section in the print version of Ad Age and launched a weekly newsletter that rounds up the best of our digital coverage. So use this Digital Marketing & Media Fact Pack as a guide, but visit for continuous coverage of the space.
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