Facebook: Twitter Isn't TV's Only Second Screen

Plans to Let Viewers Know What Their Friends Are Watching

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Twitter is a giant watercooler for TV, where little birds and @handles outnumber Facebook's "like" button. But does that mean Facebook has given up on being a social platform for TV?

Not at all, according to Dan Rose, who runs media partnerships for Facebook. Mr. Rose cited 54 million Facebook mentions of the Super Bowl and 600,000 Instagram photos using the hashtag #nemo during last week's storm on the east coast.

"People are on Facebook while watching TV," he said at today's All Things D media conference in Laguna Niguel, California.

But the untapped role that Facebook can play in the TV ecosystem is one around discovery, he said.

"The reality is most of us choose to watch [TV] based on shows friends told us about," he said.

"Imagine a world in the future…where you turn on your TV…and what you're seeing is the feed of all the shows your friends have watched and how they've rated those shows," he added. "That's a vision that we think is really exciting."

How close Facebook is to making that reality isn't clear. Mr. Rose said he's talked to people such as Dish Network's Charlie Ergen about those integration possibilities, but didn't indicate how far along these discussions are.

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